Spam (repeating the same message repeatedly or otherwise purposely causing the screen to scroll), harassment (including sexual) and abusive behavior are not permitted on any channel (this includes in 'say' or 'tell'). Do not continue to 'tell' to someone after they have asked you to stop.

Profanity is not permitted on any public channel, which is a channel seen by those other than yourself and the person to whom you are speaking. If you use profanity in a private conversation and the other party asks you to stop, please respect their wishes. The difference between '****, I'm having a bad day' and 'what is your ****** problem' should be obvious to everyone.

If any level of Immortal asks you to desist on a subject, or to move the subject to an appropriate channel, do so immediately. Continuing on a subject or channel after you are requested to stop may result in your character losing its access to channels through silencing. An Immortal's decision on subject matter and/or channel use should be obeyed.

Use of HTML tags (also known as HTML markup, despite the fact that the 'M' in HTML stands for 'markup') in channels, titles, bios, descriptions or other output is not permitted.

Warning: Arguing with or flaming immortals on channels _will_ get you silenced or worse, and this may extend to your other characters as well if you push the matter. The Realms provides ample avenue for complaint without resorting to public baiting and name-calling.

Please note: Only english is acceptable on public channels, use of any other language will result in a warning to speak in english followed by  a silence if the warning is not adhered to.

UPDATE: The posting of addresses for websites containing pornographic or otherwise unsuitable material on public channels is absolutely forbidden.  When unclear about the suitability of posting a site, on a public or private  channel, consider first whether its content would be acceptable under any of our rules.

*information as of July 27, 2005