The Realms are governed by a set of laws, most of which are simple common sense and courtesy, and all of which must be followed to ensure everyone the opportunity to enjoy the game. As with any mud, a player's presence here is a privilege, not a right, and is something we reserve the right to deny at any time at our discretion.

The Immortals of the Realms are responsible for enforcing these laws, and their decisions in these matters should be abided. The decisions of a God or higher are final. To see which Immortals are online and visible, type "who 51" at any time. 


If you feel an Immortal has treated you unfairly, you may appeal the decision by doing the following:

If you feel that you've been treated _too_ harshly you have the option of appealing your punishment. To do so you must post a note to the oracle (from Darkhaven Square it is e, s, u, s, s, e) with the following information:

1. Name of the Character: name of the punished character
2. Offence: Reason why you were punished
3. Name of the Immortal who punished you
4. Punishment
5. Why you feel the punishment given is _too_ harsh.

Please be aware that if your request is frivolous, not grounded in fact or an outright lie, the punishment can increase. Also be aware that the Immortal involved in dispensing the punishment will be contacted prior to making any determinations.

DO NOT contact the Council of Elders without first launching an appeal using the process set out above. If for any reason you are unable to post to the oracle you may email the COE at

*information as of July 27, 2005.