Guilds Orders Tribe

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There are 4 types of organizations.

  1. Guilds - These are beginning organizations.  They are based on class.

  2. Orders - These are organizations that are not restricted by class.  Each one has its own requirements.

  3. Tribe - Barbarians start out in this organization.

  4. Clans - Same as Orders, but for deadly characters.

Guilds, Orders, and Tribe are peaceful organizations.

Clans are deadly organizations.
A 'Deadly' character is one who has chosen to follow the path of the player killer (pkill). This choice is usually made when first entering the Realms, though you may also become deadly by requesting an Immortal to set you as pkill. A deadly character may never return to the peaceful way of life.

Unless in an arena, deadly players are ONLY permitted to attack other deadly players.

For more information on deadlies.  See Help Deadly and Laws Pkill.

*Information as of July 28, 2005