About Newbie Council

The Newbie Council is a collection of people who have chosen to take time out of their playing of the Realms to help out those who are new or in need of assistance. Their job is to help out new players; whether it be helping you find your way around the Academy, guiding you towards new areas to explore, teaching you how to use commands or helping you retrieve your belongings should you die in battle. By typing HELP NC, you will be given a list of the current members of the Newbie Council. When in need of assistance, type WHO NC to find out which members are currently on-line, and send a mortal member a tell with your request.

NOTE: All people need a break once-in-a-while. If you see a Newbie Council member has OFF-DUTY in their title, please ask a different member.

Remember that these people devote their time to your welfare and well-being. Try to treat them with respect and listen to their advice. The council members have a lot of experience dealing with low level areas, equipment and problems. Please use their experience and learn from them. However, harassing council members with repeated requests to power level you, have them kill mobs for equipment for you, or other requests not in their job description will not be tolerated.

Good luck, we wish you well in your future Realms endeavors,
The Newbie Council

Stoneheft - Immortal Head of NC
Linda - Immortal Assistant of NC
Gisselle - Immortal Assistant of NC
Araine Aslan Babui Cordellia
Cheyana Dascia Grezelle Kentamya
Korith Ilsensine Lun Mauzait
Mazian Micha Mumra Nariel
Nimbly Nymath Rafa Raususken
Rentuke Sarakin Tokai Uilisia

Please contact any of the above players if you require assistance or need some questions answered. To speak directly to them, type: "tell <name> message". (ex; tell Tokai Could you please help me?...) These players have agreed to be available to newbies whenever possible, but do NOT abuse the service they are offering. They will help direct you to areas, help with equipment choices, or assist with finding your corpse when you die. They will NOT help you gain levels.

*Information as of July 27, 2005