Syntax: auction <item name> <starting value>
auction bid <value>

The auction command allows you to place an item up for sale on the auction channel for open bidding.

Typing auction without any arguments displays the current item being auctioned.

In order to place an auction for bid or to bid on an item, a player must be in the auction house located in Darkhaven, one of the other major cities of the Realms or in a designated location within an organization's headquarters. The auction house can be found on help map, #z.

To bid on an item, use the 'bid' argument followed by an amount.

If nothing is currently being auctioned, 'auction <item name> <starting value>' will begin an auction.

At the present, if the mud crashes in mid auction, you will lose both your bidded money and the item. This will at some point be fixed.

*Auctions will not be stopped for overbidding or misbidding*

Special thanks to Erwin Andreasen for writing this function. (Ported to Realms of Despair from a publicly available source.)

Auction will also work with the following arguments:

au bid 20k - bids 20000 coins
au bid 20k500 - bids 20500 coins (20,000 + 500)
au bid 20k5003 - bids 20500 coins (only checks first 3 chars after "k")
au bid 1m - bids 1 million coins
au bid 1m6 - bids 1.6 million coins

Example: On an existing bid of 10000
au bid +10 - adds 10%, making the bid 11000.
au bid + - adds 25% (the default if no number given), bid is 12500
au bid x - multiplies by 2, making the bid 20000.
au bid x5 - multiplies by 5, making the bid 50000.
au bid x <item> - auc bid 10k sword would bid 10k on a sword

It is illegal to auction <or barter, sell, trade> clan, order, or guild items.
However, old clan equipment that was converted to be worn by both peaceful and deadly players can be auctioned.

*Information as of July 27, 2005