Syntax: oemote
Syntax: oemote <message>

A secondary emote-type command which does not print the character's name as a preface. Oemote instead displays the character's name seperated by brackets (a measure necessary to help prevent misuse) at the end of the message.

Adding the message on the same line as the oemote command will automatically send the text to the screen.

Typing oemote on its own will enter you into a 6 line buffer, at which point normal editor commands apply. The /s edit command will send the text to the screen.

The Realms of Despair Editor is used when you're writing mail, notes, your bio, description or other long bodies of text. The commands in the editor are (these commands are shown with a space between the / and the command letter. Omit the space when using the commands in your notes):

/ ?                         Displays editor help.
/ l                          Lists the current contents of the note.
/ c                         Clears the current contents of the note.
/ d <line>               Delete line. If no line number is given, the most recent line is deleted.
/ g <line>               Goto line. This is useful for inserting lines, deleting and fixing lines, etc.
/ i <line>                Insert line. Inserts a new blank line where specified.
/ r <old> <new>    Global replace. '/g' to the line you want to start replacing at first, or no occurrences will be found.
/ m <line/all>          Centers the text on the line above the current line if there is no argument. The all argument centers every line.
/ a                          Abort editing. No changes you made are kept.
/ !                           Execute command without exiting the editor.
/ s                          Save buffer, and exit the editor.

*Information as of July 27, 2005