Vampirism, in most legend, is a curse bestowed upon one individual by another already damned to exist as a Vampire. Vampirism in the Realms appears to be a curse of creation, for all those who subsist on blood are born to their existence. Fed and nurtured with blood, the Vampire learns early in unlife the ways of the predator. While a Vampire may drink from blood on the ground, such cool and congealed sustenance does not compare to warm and rich life stolen from the veins of a victim and stored within the Vampire. It is measured in blood points (bp). These blood points may be expended in the casting of spells or the use of vampiric abilities. A severely wounded Vampire will also intuitively draw on the power of the blood to heal themselves during battle. A Vampire will also instantaneously expend blood to remain functional during the daylight hours. No such expenditure is needed in the evening hours. During the twilight, a Vampire also gains a bonus to their armor class and the ability to transport themselves through mist once they are sufficiently skilled.

Fueled by the powers of their blood and the might of their inner Beast, a Vampire is amazingly quick and agile. Dexterity is their prime trait. However, their immortality affords them the ability to improve their mental attributes over time. This natural intelligence is a useful secondary attribute for the Vampire. Unlike other classes, the power of the blood enhances every attribute a Vampire possesses. A Vampire is deficient in neither mind nor body. Vampires are unduly affected by holy power, but resistant to unholy powers.

The curse of eternal life may be levied on Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Half-Ogres, Half-Orcs, Half-Trolls, Half-Elves, Gith, and Drow.

Dex 25 Int 22 no deficient stat

*Information as of July 28, 2005