About Newbie Council

This page will be redone.  Expect the information to change. -Linda (August 18, 2005)

Command Description
close Close is used on doors and container.
consider This is used to compare your level and hitpoints against target.
channels Typing 'channels' will gave you a list of all your channel.
chat Chat is the main channel for conversation in the Realms.
clans Typing 'clans' will give you a list of current clans and info.
clear Clear will clear your screen.
compare Compare will compare a carried item to a worn item.
commands Typing 'commands' will give you a list of all your commands.
config Typing 'config' shows you your configuration menu.
counciltalk This is a channel used for members of councils.
councils Typing 'councils' shows you a list of current councils.
credits Credits is a notes from Thoric about credits due for Realms.
down Down is a direction of movement.
drink Drink is used to drink from fountains, puddles, or containers.
drop Drop drops an item from your inventory to the ground.
description Description is what a person sees when they look at you.
dismount Dismount is command to get off a mount, like a horse.
drag This is a command used in pkill to drag a victim.
east This is a direction of movement.
eat This command is used to eat food and pills.
emote This is a socializing command, like: <your name> looks about
exits Typing 'exits' will gives a list of obvious exits in the room.
examine Examine is a detailed look at an item or container contents.
equipment Typing 'equipment' shows you all items you are wearing.
empty Empty is used to transfer items from a container, to the ground.
enter Enter is used on some exits and on portals.
fill Fill is used to fill a container with items or fluid.
follow Follow is a command that makes you tail after another player.
flee Flee is used to escape from a fight.
get Get is used to get items from the ground or a container.
give Give is used to give an item or gold to another player or mob.
gtell Gtell is a channel used to talk to others in your group.
group Group is the command that groups a follower or lists members.
guildtalk This channel is used by members of class guilds.
glance Glance is similar to look, but gives less detailed information.
guilds Typing 'guilds' gives a list of guilds currently available.
help Typing 'help' gives you a summary of most help files.
hold Hold is a command to take an item from inventory to equiped.
hlist Hlist is used to get a list of all help files available.
homepage Homepage is the command that lists your homepage in "whois".
inventory Inventory are the items you have but are not wearing.
idea Idea lets you post ideas to the Immortals.
kill Kill is a command used to start fights with mobiles.
look Look is used to look at any room, object, player, or mob.
lock Lock is used to lock an exit or container, using a key.
level Level shows you your current level, and the experience to next.
list List is used at shopkeeper mobiles to see what is sold.
leave Leave is used with certain types of exits, like "Somewhere".
light Light is used to light a pipe full of herbs.
north North is a direction of movement.
name Name is only used in the pre-auth area, to change your name.
ne NE is used to move northeast.
nw NW is used to move northwest.
note Note is used many ways, to read, list, write, and post notes.
newbiechat Newbie chat is a channel used in the Pre-auth area.
northeast Northeast is a direction of movement.
northwest Northwest is a direction of movement.
order Order is the command used to instruct charmed mobs and pets.
oldscore Oldscore is an older version of the current score card.
orders Typing 'orders' gives a list of all current peaceful orders.
ordertalk Ordertalk is a channel used when you are an order member.
ot OT is the short-cut version of ordertalk.
put Put is used to put items in containers.
password Password is used to change your password. See HELP PASSWORD
practice Practice is used to list spells, skills, weapons, and languages.
prompt Prompt is used to list various character statistics. HELP PROMPT
pull Pull is used with levers and switches.
push Push is used with levers and switches.
quaff Quaff is the command to drink potions.
quit You type QUIT to save and leave the Realms.
quest Quest is a channel used for running quests and trivia.
rest Rest is a command to rest for healing.
report Typing 'report' shows your hps, mana or bp, moves and exp.
repair Repair is used at a blacksmith to repair eq from your inventory.
reply Reply is used to send a tell to the last person who told to you.
remove Remove is the command used to take off equipment and weapons.
recite Recite is used to read magical scrolls to make them work.
rent We do not currently have a rent system.
retell Will send a tell to the last character you sent a tell even if someone else has sent you a tell.
rip Used to configure the ripterm option.
south South is a direction of movement.
se SE is used as a short-cut for southeast.
sw SW is used as a short-cut for southwest.
say This command is used to talk to a person in the same room.
save Save is a very important command, it saves your character.
sacrifice The sacrifice command is used to get rid of trash.
score Score is a sheet displaying many important character stats.
sleep Sleep is used to regenerate.
stand This command is used to stand from rest or sit.
sell Sell is used at shopkeeper mobs to sell items from inventory.
shout Shout is a channel.
shove Shove is a command used in pkill to shove victim.
sit Sit is a command used to heal and relax.
slist Slist lists all your spells, weapons, and skills.
smoke Smoke is a command used with a pipe.
socials Typing 'socials' will give you a complete list of socials.
southeast Southeast is a direction of movement.
southwest Southwest is a direction of movement.
tell Tells are a way to talk to one person anywhere in the game.
take Take is used as an alternative to get.
tamp Tamp is a command used with a pipe.
time Time tells you MUD, last next reboot, and current EST times.
title Title is a command that sets what people see in who and look.
typo Typo lets you report typos to the Immortals.
unlock This command you use to unlock doors or containers, with a key.
value Value is used to see what an item is worth prior to selling.
visible Typing 'visible' will remove hide, sneak, and invis on you.
west West is a direction of movement.
wake Wake is used to wake and stand from sleep, rest, or sit.
wartalk Wartalk is a channel used primarily for pkilling players.
wear Wear takes an item from your inventory to a worn position.
who Who shows you what other players are online. See 'help who'.
whois Whois is a command to look at a single player that is online.
wield Wield is the command used to wear a weapon.
where Typing 'where' shows you the current area name and others around.
weather Typing 'weather' tells you about the Realms weather.
wimpy Wimpy is a command that allows you to flee automatically.
wizlist Wizlist is a list of all Immortals, top being highest level.
yell Yell is a channel seen by other players in the same area.
zap Zap is the command used to activate wands.