This command configures some of your character behavior. Typing CONFIG alone shows you your current settings. To configure an option, type the CONFIG command with a plus or minus sign with an option to turn that option on or off. The options are:

NICE: Toggle ability to use kill or murder to attack another player.
NORECALL: Toggle automatic recall if you lose link during combat.
AUTOEXIT: You automatically see exits.
AUTOLOOT: You automatically loot corpses (not on pkilled corpses).
AUTOSAC: You automatically sacrifice corpses.
AUTOGOLD: You automatically split gold from kills with your group.
GAG: Toggle whether you see battle details in full or brief form.
PAGER: Toggle page pausing on long scrolls.
BLANK: You have a blank line before your prompt.
BRIEF: You see brief descriptions only.
COMBINE: You see object lists in combined format.
NOINTRO: Toggle whether you see the graphic screen at login.
PROMPT: You have a prompt.
TELNETGA: You receive a telnet GA sequence.
ANSI: You receive ANSI color sequences.
RIP: You don't receive RIP graphics.
DRAG: Toggle whether others can drag you if you are incapacitated.
NOSUMMON: Toggle whether you will allow player characters to summon you.
GROUPWHO: Toggles an announcement that you seek to group.
BECKON: Allows others to "beep" you to catch your attention.
NOEXP: Allows a deadly to toggle experience on or off.
HINTS: Toggle whether you see random hints on an occasional basis.
CLOAK: Toggle whether others are able to see equipment inside your cloak.
NOFOLLOW: Toggle whether you will allow player characters to follow you.
HONOUR: Toggle whether people can see your honour rating.
RP: Toggles a player onto the 'who rp' list. Allows use of config +IC.
IC: Toggles a player's {IC} flag on. IC standing for In Character.
COMPASS: Toggle compass display (See help compass).
SHIELDS: Toggle abbreviated listing of elemental shields.

NOTE: Toggling Config -Nice should only be performed by Avatars entering the arena for battle against each other. Lower level players who toggle this command are considered hostile and will be helled/denied should they attack another player.

*Information as of July 28, 2005