When your character dies, you are reincarnated at the Altar to Thoric in Darkhaven (or your clan's temple). Your corpse is left behind where you were killed, together with all of your equipment. If you are below level 6 (level 5 if deadly), you will keep your equipment upon death. Regardless of level, your gold will always stay with you (the gods want you to have your gold).

Any spells which were affecting you are canceled by death, and you lose experience points as well. Following/groups are not affected by death.

Corpses decay after time. When this happens the objects inside a corpse will decay with it. Player corpses last roughly 30 minutes of real time. Only the player who died or someone in their group can retrieve objects from a player's corpse. The only exceptions are for deadly characters, who can loot each other's corpses at will.

If you have chosen a deity and have gained enough favor, you may be able to supplicate to your deity for your corpse. Also see 'HELP SUPPLICATE', 'HELP DEITIES', 'HELP FAVOR' for more information on deities.

Immortals may be willing to help you retrieve your corpse if you are unable to get it yourself.  You need to try to get it yourself,  including asking for help over channels, before immortals will help you.  For complete guidelines on asking an immortal for help with a cr, please read over 'HELP CR'.

*Information as of July 28, 2005