Grouping can be a very enjoyable experience. In addition to having someone to talk to while exploring, also having someone to help you fight. Grouping with people of different classes means you can somewhat balance out some of the class differences. The following are the commands for starting a group, talking to group members and disbanding the group.

    The first part of grouping is to decide who will lead. The other members of the group type "follow [leader]". This means that when you are standing and the leader walks, you will follow. Some things may prevent you from following, such as not being able to fly, not being able to pass door or the room the leader went into is private.
    When you want to stop following your leader, but want to remain in the group, you may recall, sleep, rest, sit or walk away to another room. If you want to stop following your leader and leave the group, type "follow self". Never follow a person without permission! It is considered very rude. If a person asks you to stop following them, stop following them immediately. Continuing to follow someone after being asked to stop is considered harassment and will be treated as such.
**NOTE: You may only follow a person who is either lower in level then you or is no more then ten levels higher then you are.

    The group command is used to start the group, check group members report and to disband the group. When someone follows you, you can add them to your group by typing "group [follower]". You may only group with people up to eight levels above you or eight levels below you.
    To see the members in your group, type "group". Any person in the group may type "group" to see their own and their group members hitpoints, mana or blood points, movement and total experience to that point.
    To remove someone from your group, simply type "group [follower]" again. This does not stop the person from following you though.

    This command allows the leader to disband his group (members will stop following and are ungrouped). To disband the group simply type "group disband".
**NOTE: If you "quit", the group is automatically disbanded.

    Sometimes you may lead a group when a member goes linkdead, and you do not want them to continue to follow you. You can 'expel' them.  If you do not want them to leave the group, but would rather not drag them around linkdead, you can move to a room where they will be safe and recall. Make sure you do not enter that room again or they will start following again.

    You can talk to your group with gtell or grouptell. To use type "gt <message>" or "; <message>". This channel is seen only by those in your group and you are able to use grouptell in noterooms and other quiet rooms.

Who Group:
    This is a command that will show you a list of players currently online that are grouped or that are looking for a group.  To put your name on this list, type   config +groupwho.

*NOTE: Deadly characters and peaceful characters are not able to group together.

*Information as of July 28, 2005