No, we are not talking about a luncheon meat here. Spam is the repeated use of a phrase, command, or channel that causes screen scroll for others. Not only is spam considered rude, but excessive screen scroll can interfere with the game play of anyone seeing it (not to mention combat situations). The game will also tell you to PUT A LID ON IT and force-quit you after the 20th repeat of a single command.

It is also considered spam to use the same phrase over several different channels. The use of all-caps can also be considered spam. Only use capitals to add emphasis to key words in a sentence.

Moving a large number of items into and out of a container in a crowded, non-store room is considered spam. Using multiple characters to chat the same message at the same time is considered spam. Making charmed mobs or pets to cause screen scroll through movement or orders is considered spam. ANYTHING that causes excessive or irritating screen scroll can be considered spam.

*Information as of July 28, 2005