The following is the application format for applying to Newbie Council.
Please follow it as it is set out here:

1. Subject line: (YOURNAME) APPLICATION (capitalize this line please)

2. List *all* characters you consider to be your main chars, excluding storage characters. (If you only have one character, please list this as well.)

3. Next, indicate if you have *ever* applied to Newbie Council before, and with which character you did so. Also, indicate what the voting result was on that application.

4. Next, show what guild/order the applying character may belong to.

5. List what hours you are normally online so that members may know when you might be around for interviews.

6. A short explanation why you feel you would make a good addition to Newbie Council.

If your application does not follow this format, or is missing parts, it will not be forwarded for members to vote on. You will be asked to rewrite it in such a case.

*Information as of July 28, 2005