Cheating is a very serious offense and subjects _all_ characters involved to a slay, purge (loss of all equipment), freeze, balzhur (destruction of all equipment and public demotion to level 2), deny or even a site ban.

What is considered cheating?

- exploiting (intentionally using) a bug to gain equipment or gold
- intentionally causing the system to crash
- intentionally duplicating equipment or gold
- knowingly accepting illegal equipment (see above) from others
- attempting to duplicate equipment or gold -- * even if not successful *
- using or making profit from equipment that was accidentally duplicated
- using gold that was accidentally duplicated

Cheating hurts the game, and every player in the game. Protect yourself and report any bugs you find, and inform the Immortals if you have strong cause to believe someone is engaged in any of the above.

If you find you have accidentally duplicated an item, turn the item over _immediately_ to an Immortal or drop and sacrifice the item.

*information as of July 27, 2005