Multi-playing up to 8 characters is permitted, with the following rules:

- you may only have one character link-live if it is a deadly character (if it appears under the "who deadly" section of the who list). You may have more than one character online as long as none of your characters are listed under the "who deadly" section of the who list.
- using multiple characters to spam any player or channel via making all characters say/tell/chat/avtalk a same message or series of messages is highly frowned upon and may earn each character a silence.
- using multiple connections to avoid multi limits is strictly prohibited. any violation of this rule will result in the harshest of punishment.

NOTE: Link-dead characters are not considered to be "online."

WARNING: Anyone violating the 8 character limit faces punishment up to and including immediate deletion of any characters logged at the time.

*Information as of July 27, 2005