If you notice an item on the ground and there is a player in the room with it, do _not_ pick it up without first getting permission from the person<s> in the room. Taking such items may be considered stealing if you do not first obtain permission from those present. This includes removing gold from a corpse as well as sacrificing it.

Do not simply take an item to identify it without asking permission. If you are asked to drop an item you picked up, do so immediately.

Do not take items laying next to a corpse, even if no one is present, without asking the owner of the corpse if the item(s) belong to them.

Do not take items from a mob corpse unless you made the kill yourself or you have specific permission from the character who made the kill. This includes removing gold from a corpse.

* Warning: It is never wise to leave items or containers unattended and expect them to be there when you return. If there is an item on the ground and there is neither a corpse nor a player in the room, the object is considered abandoned and free for the taking.

NOTE: It is illegal to store pkill items (items originally created with the pkill flag) on peaceful characters and if found it will be removed and destroyed. This includes items sold in pktown, clan hq's and clan EQ.

*Information as of July 27, 2005