Deadly Characters are those which appear on the who list under the section titled "Deadly Characters" (type 'who deadly'). A character must be level 5 _and_ 18 years of age to officially become deadly; if you are a pkill character who doesn't fill these criteria yet, you will not appear under 'who deadly' and are _not_ yet able to pkill.

Deadly characters may not:

a) multi-play while using a deadly character, this includes both peaceful and deadly characters
b) be shared
c) receive help (healing, shielding, portaling, etc.) from non-deadlies
d) attack players more than 5 levels outside their own
- includes picking up disarmed weapons from someone outside your range
- includes healing a fighting character outside your range
- includes looting the corpse of someone outside your level range
e) use mobs to either pkill players outside of the 5 level range or to overcome the 5 minute timer.

Deadly characters are allowed to:

a) pkill another player who appears on the deadly list (who deadly) who is within 5 levels of their own.
b) loot the corpse of the fallen deadly player, provided they were the tank or dealt the killing blow.

Warning: Going AFK or link-dead in a non-safe area leaves you open to attack; a deadly is open to attack every second online, link-live or not.

NOTE: It is illegal to store pkill items (items with the pkill flag) on peaceful characters and if found it will be removed and destroyed. This includes items sold in pktown, clan hq's and clan EQ.

*Information as of July 27, 2005