Shopkeepers inside Darkhaven are protected by the laws of the city's Lord, Duke Luther. As the gods have pledged their favor to Darkhaven, they have imbued these shopkeepers with the powers necessary to carry out retribution against those who defy these laws. In short, anyone who chooses to attack a Darkhaven shopkeeper will die brutally. In addition, they may find themselves facing the direct wrath of the gods in hell...

Those caught stealing from these shopkeepers will be incarcerated by the guards of the Duke until such time as their release is granted by the gods.

A Darkhaven shopkeeper is any mob inside Darkhaven at which you can type 'list'. If you are given a list of items for sale, or are told to try back later, it is a shopkeeper. This also applies to guild shopkeepers, the blacksmith and the banker.

*Information as of July 27, 2005