The Dwarven race was the fourth of the Realms, fashioned from earth and stone by the gods and melded by fire. They are long-lived, fiercely loyal, and are known equally for their hardiness and cantankerous personalities. Dwarves are miners by tradition, working with and building within the dirt of the earth and stone of the mountains.

Dwarves are shorter than Humans and Elves, averaging from three and a half to four and a half feet in height. They are stocky and rather powerfully-built, and both males and females proudly wear thick and often long beards.

Still, their thick and stout frames lend them an uncommon constitution and strength, and the race has produced some of the most famed and feared warriors in the Realms. Dwarves may become accomplished magic users, but they are more suited to physical roles. They have some resistance to flame and generations of working with and within the earth has fostered their infravision.

Dwarves may follow the ways of the following classes: Augurer Barbarian Bladesinger Cleric Druid Ranger Thief Vampire Warrior

Dwarves gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.97.

The Dwarven Nation lies in the canyons northwest of the great western lake.

The Dwarf hometown is "Qetag's Reach".

*Information as of July 28, 2005