Pixies are small Elven creatures with gossamer wings. They are much more intelligent than most other races, but their strength and constitution suffers from their small size. Because of this, the Pixie often choose the calling of magic and excels especially in the arts of the Mage as the mind of the Pixie knows no equal. Pixies possess the obvious ability of flight.

Pixies are slight of stature, standing less than two and a half feet in height.

Pixies may follow the ways of the following classes: Cleric Druid Mage Nephandi Ranger Thief

Pixies gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.08.

The Pixie Nation is hidden deep within the Pixie Forest of the Forgotten Woods.

The Pixie hometown is "Reomyr Village".

*Information as of July 28, 2005