Also known as aquatic Elves, these creatures are akin to mermen as land elves are akin to men. Found almost exclusively among heavy weed beds in quiet, sheltered, salty waters, they are great friends of the dolphins. The race historically prefers to fashion caverns in lagoon bottoms and reefs in which to live and work, but circumstances within the Realms have forced them into the general populace.

The race is humanoid in appearance, with gill slits on the throat and greenish-silver skin with white-blonde or silver hair. Sea-Elves have an innate ability to find magical auras as well as the inherent capacity to breathe underwater and are somewhat resistant to cold.

Sea-Elves may follow the ways of the following classes: Augurer Cleric Druid Fathomer Mage Thief Warrior

Sea-Elves gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.12.

The Sea-Elf Nation lies beyond the Ashen Forest and at the edge of the Azure Sea.

The Sea-elf hometown is "Mathlaan Lagoon".

*Information as of July 28, 2005