Before leaving the Academy it's vitally important that you fill all your equipment slots except for your ears, ankles, face and back. You can do this with items found on the mobs in the cages a few rooms east of the robed figure.

It is a good idea to check every piece of equipment you're wearing after large battles, or extended adventures. To check something you're wearing, type "exa <item>", (ex; exa collar). Each piece of equipment should be listed as "Superb Condition", if it isn't, it's damaged and should be repaired at the blacksmith. Check EACH piece of equipment you're wearing, except lights.  Lights are non-repairable.  The reason for this is when equipment is used in battle there is always the chance that it can become damaged, lose its effectiveness, and if damaged bad enough, it will fall to the ground in scraps. Equipment is usually damaged by mobs using spells against you, by the mob's magical shields, or a mob's special attacks. When equipment is damaged during a fight, a message is usually displayed telling which piece of equipment has suffered damage. Something like; "The druid's harm spell thrashes you! (a visor or enlightenment is damaged.)"  To repair an item, you must be in a blacksmith's shop (see map). REMOVE the damaged item (ex; remove collar), then you can ask the blacksmith to appraise the damage (ex; appraise collar). The blacksmith will tell you how much it costs to repair that item, then when you can, tell him to repair it (ex; repair collar). Repair each piece of damaged equipment then WEAR it (ex; wear collar), then SAVE your character. SAVE often!

There are 3 types of inventory; ACTIVE inventory, INACTIVE inventory and EQUIPPED inventory.

Active Inventory - Depending on your stats, you are able to hold between 5 and 20 items in your active inventory.  (This is an estimate.  Numbers vary)   These items can be anything, weapons rings, armour, containers or whatever. Your active inventory is displayed when you type "inv". Items in your active inventory should include things like boats.

Inactive Inventory - Since you can carry only a limited number of items, it is necessary to carry containers to house any extra items. Containers include anything that items can be put into (check the Guide for more info), and extend your inventory. Anything inside a container is considered inactive and has no effect.

Equipped Inventory - These are the items that you are wearing on your body, your armour, and the weapon(s) you wield. You can see a list of these items by typing "eq". (Check "sets" in the Guide for more info on equipped items). Anything equipped has an effect on AC, HPs or other stats. Garb will show you your current equipment as well as any empty spaces you can still put equipment.

*Information as of July 28, 2005