Important abbreviations, words and what they mean:

LAWS: The laws of the Realms are enforced by the immortals. All players are responsible for understanding and following them. Type LAWS.

AC: Armor Class.  Your base AC starts at about 100, depending on stats, and is lowered by each piece of amor you wear. ie: AC2 on an item lowers your base AC by 2 points. The lower your AC, the better

HR: Hit Roll. Every time you attack, a random number is generated and can be modified by weapons/armour. The higher your HR, the better.

DR: Damage Roll. This number modifies the amount of damage you inflict when you get a successful hit. The higher your DR, the better.

SPAM: Type HELP SPAM for more information.

NC: Otherwise known as the Newbie Council.

Requesting Aid: When in need of aid, feel free to chat or ask for help, but it is important that you do it properly to insure speedy aid. When calling for help, be sure to identify where you are and what form of help you need. Most importantly, always be polite. People will be less eager to help you if you are rude. For example: Newplayer chats 'Help! I need aid at the nanny in the warehouse, please!' would make a good help request. Newplayer chats 'HELP!' does not identify where you are or what you need and will most likely cause a delay in your getting aided.

*Information as of July 28, 2005