As you wander through the Realms, you're going to quickly find that you need some kind of portable magic you can use to heal your wounds, or to get you out of trouble. Here are some items that are easily available here in Darkhaven to help you out.  Other items can be found throughout the realms.

Potions (Available at Zelah's Potion Shop - See "help map")   Scrolls (Available at Poshir's Scroll Shop - See "help map")
Item Spell Returns Item Spell Effect
Maroon cure light wounds 15-20 HPs      
Puce cure serious wounds 25-30 HPs Recall Scroll Word of Recall Returns you to Darkhaven
Purple cure critical wounds 35-40 HPs Detect Invis Detect Invis Lets you see invisible creatures
Violet heal 100 HPs Magical Tablet Identify Tells you about an object or mob
Blue restore mana 55-65 Mana      

Other useful items from The Darkhaven Apothecary in Town Hall

Item Spell Effect

Talisman of bacchus

wine invocation

turns water to wine

An icicle wand.

create spring

makes a spring to drink from

Balm of crushed salvia leaves

detect hidden

lets you see mobs/players that are hidden